Sunday, 14 December 2014

No school

Well today is the last day for me so Im leaving tauranga intermediate and going to boys so i will maybe never do this again so bye will miss ya tauranga intermediate and have a good christmas holiday:(

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Holiday program

To the manic room
To the  park
Skate park
Bay fair
Tramp park
Make a sandwich  
Movies (cheap tuesday)
Burger king
Jump in your pool
You must bring
A drink bottle
Scooter, Bike, Skateboard
Togs towel
Drink bottle and togs, towel
Total cost

Monday, 8 December 2014

Gift for family

                                                                       For my mum
Price $14.75
 Free shipping 

For Britney
Price $26.00
USA Shipping 

                                                                        For my Dad
Price $7.99
For my brother 
Price $25.00

For my turtle 
Price $10.58

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Sketch up lesson 2

Virtual Tour


Write an interesting and engaging review of virtual tours online.

A review should:
  • explain what happens on a virtual tour
  • mention highlights on the tours
  • give an overall opinion of virtual tours online (strengths and weaknesses)
  • mention specific virtual tours you have looked at as examples
  • include hyperlinks to the virtual tours you mention

200 words minimum

A virtual tour is a simulation of a place thats in real life when you are learning knowledge that is online. It is kind of like google maps and google earth. A virtual tour can take you to places like history the white house and zoo's there is pictures and videos. Some times you feel like you are actually there when you can see and go to places you want to go some are 3D  Some of them can take you all over the virtual tour so there will be arrows to places you want to go and it will teleport you 4 to 5 meters or you can drag around to see what is around. In virtual tours the strengths of it is you can feel amazed that it is like your actually there can be 3d ones that will expire you. Weaknesses is can take a lot of internet sometimes you have to buy tickets, And some are just pictures that is 2d.

(Virtual tour to a museum this link is amazing it takes you all over the building there is fossils mammals reptiles its mostly about animals that live in earth but there is gems. my opinion about this site that every thing is clear to see its bright in 3d theres a cafe and has 3 floors