Monday, 4 August 2014

Child safety handbook questions

Child Safety Handbook
Chapter 1 Personal Awareness
Part 2 - Health p23 - 30
1. What edition of the Child Safety Handbook is this?
40 √

2. Where does the information in the CSH come from?
New zealand nutrition foundation √

3. What is a disclaimer and why is there a disclaimer in the CSH?
A disclaimer is when you are the one to take responsibility
the disclaimer is in the CSH because they want the parents and take action to there kids √

4. What are 3 medical conditions which can develop as a result of being overweight in childhood?
Blood pressure,

5. What is the recommendation for R
- television? 
watch Tv 2 hours a day √
- rewards for good behaviour?
Healthy treats √
- number of meals and snacks per day?
2 healthy food a day√
- exercise?
Regular exercise  
- salt?
Have food that has low salt
- milk?
Reduce fat milk

6. True or False?
- Boys have more body fat than girls False
- Being a vegetarian can affect your iron levels True
- Children under 4 years old shouldn’t eat raw carrots From not choking
- It is safe to store leftover food in cans No

9. How many times a day should you brush your teeth?
2 once a day

11. Do the word creator task on page 40. Write your words on the page.

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