Thursday, 13 February 2014

Googles title for today

What link does the google image take you to today? The link go's to valentines heres the link to it Valentines day

How is this topic linked to today’s date? Valentines day began as a liturgical celebration of one or more earlier there was a Christian saints name  Valentines. His story were invented for the various valentine that belonged to february the 14th.

Make a connection to today’s topic. The connection is when my mom and dad go for diner.

list 3 Key words  love, chocolate and flowers  

List 5 facts about today’s topic: 1. Valentine day in fact is celebrating Christians                                                                          2. The woman give chocolate and men take them to diner 
                                                                             3.when birds find there mates 
                                                                 4. a writher made a book about valentine day 
                                                                     5. A french court made Valentine famous

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