Thursday, 5 June 2014

The science behind a glow stick

What I think now (before we start)
I predict that when someone snaps a glow stick. The chemical inside will have a chemical that can make it glow

What I think now (after hearing others’ ideas)
When you snap the glow stick there is like a glass tube with another chemical thats inside the glass tube breaks from when your snapping it and the chemical inside it gets release and joins to the other chemical.

What I think now (after seeing Miss C cut open the tube)What I think now (after seeing Miss C cut open the tube)
When Miss c cut the glow stick and put it in the plastic then there was a glass tube inside with another chemical. Then Miss c broke the glass and the chemicals joined with it and it joined with the chemical on the plastic then she mixed it together and it glowed.

What I think now (after researching)
The chemical inside the glow stick is Phenyl oxalate thats with the dye thats inside the plastic then Hydrogen peroxide thats inside the glass tube.

Synthesis is when at the start of predicting of the topic and you start learning from learning from the process to the old to the new process.

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