Sunday, 18 May 2014

Brando yelavich visits T.I.S

 On friday the 16th of may T.I.S had a visiter called Brando yelavich has visited our school to talk about his journey around the cost of New zealand.
What Brando yelavich is doing. He's donating money to Ronald McDonald house to help the sick people.                                                                                
He stop at tauranga to walk up the mount but before that adventure he went to meet his family after that he will walk to top of the mount then climb back down he has finished that yesterday. He still has one   year and four months to go.
Why is Brando doing this because he didn't make it to the army and he was going bad about his life so   he wanted to do that will take care of people that is sick also poor and wants to learn more about     himself so thats how it all started.
Brando has been in some challenging parts he has a whole tier pack of surviving the wild life even weapons to slice his food to survive.

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