Sunday, 11 May 2014

Kia kaha

What are the characteristics of a bully? 
Characteristics are being bossy, negative, disrespectful, not always bright, They act being strong.

What are the characteristics of a victim?
Characteristics are don't feel safe, scared, shy and quiet, weak, venerable.

Find 3 statistics. Calculate them out to work out how many students in Rimu House they would each affect (Rimu = 120 students   

Around 20% of students report experiencing text bullying in the past year. 22 
Around  10% of students report having experienced internet bullying in the past year. 12

Create a test of 5 true or false statements from pages 9-11 of this document.

Write up 5 stereotyping statements of your own using these sentence starters:
Real men will do anything
Females stay at home and cook
Indian people mostly work at dairy
Asian people Like rice
Maori people rugby

What are 2 good points about having stereotypes?
Some times its positive
That it is true about there race

What are 2 bad points about having stereotypes?

Talking about there colour

judging there race

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