Wednesday, 7 May 2014

The click stars system

               At TIS This term there is a new reward system

                                                              Clicker cards
Every student gets a click card at the corner has a 40 you have to get 40 clicks to be to win a band. So the way it works you get a click card and you put your name, house and room. At the end of the day your teacher will give you a click only if you haven't got a name on the board and absent.

Warning you get a verbal warning if your behaviour is not perfect you will get a name on the board if you get a x next to your name you will have to stay in class and write a review of the stars if you get a formal warning you will be sent to miss mills and stay there for 30 min. But if you punch or anything rude you will be automatically be sent to Mr Carlen.

                                                                  Star cards  
When you do something from the stars Eg: Picking rubbish you will get a star card from doing it. You write your name and class you will go to the library and there will have ten boxes you will put your card in it and in the hui miss mills will draw two names out and you will win a voucher and when your names is at assembly you will win a star hoodie.


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